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Serving Up Hope

When it comes to the fight against breast cancer, we believe it’s okay to make a racket. In fact, thanks to the Northside Hospital Foundation, nearly 400 women from all over the metro Atlanta area did just that at “Tennis Against Breast Cancer” events during the month of October.

The gatherings, which featured tennis drills, luncheons, fashion shows and more, were the centerpieces of the foundation’s month-long fundraiser. During the luncheons, one of Northside Hospital’s premiere physicians was on hand to discuss the latest research and treatment for breast cancer.

The events, held at the Atlanta Athletic Club as well as at various other clubs in Forsyth and Cherokee, help save lives by funding mammograms and other services for underinsured women in our community.

Last year, Tennis Against Breast Cancer events helped provide over 1,500 mammograms and as a result, 17 breast cancers were detected. This year, we are especially proud of the stellar fundraising work of two Northsiders.

D’ablo Hunter of Atlanta Human Resources and Michelle Burch of Forsyth HR were two of our top fundraisers and team captains. Their enthusiasm and support helped galvanize others and made the events an even bigger success.

As our battle against breast cancer goes on, we’ll keep looking to events like Tennis Against Breast Cancer – and to people like D’ablo and Michelle – to help us continue serving up hope!

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The Northside Difference

Maxie Battey-Muse has learned a lot during the three-plus years she’s been part of the respiratory therapy team at Northside. For her, one of the most profound lessons is discovering the diverse number of things – some big, some small – that come together to create the Northside Difference.

First and foremost, she says, is the way we care for our patients and our community.

“As far as what I really value about being here, versus some of the other hospitals I’ve seen, is that Northside really goes above and beyond for their patients,” Maxie says. “Northside has a very high standard for themselves, and I really value that.”

That high standard, which applies to everyone from Environmental Services to the Surgical Suite, is reinforced by good and caring leadership, Maxie says. Still, the expectations are high and she believes anyone aiming for a career here should know that.

“I think that to succeed here you need to take a lot of pride in the work that you do,” Maxie says. “I think that someone who doesn’t have that natural drive within them might find it a little more difficult here.

“Just knowing that it’s a place that expects a lot of you. It is a high standard of care that they set for themselves, and people really care about that.”

Although the standards are high, no one is left to flounder. A key part of our leadership philosophy is nurturing the growth of everyone on our teams.

“When I first started here, any time that I had any kind of question, coming fresh out of school, about how things are done or protocol, I never had any problem going to my shift supervisor or charge therapist or manager or clinicians,” Maxie says. “They’ve all just been very approachable.”

It’s this atmosphere of collaboration, of teamwork and mutual support, that have helped Maxie go from being a staff therapist to the coordinator for her department. To say she enjoys her job would be an understatement.

“My favorite part is that every day I feel that I am working for the department that I love so much, that turned me into the therapist that I am today,” Maxie says.

For those who might be wondering how they can join Maxie in the Northside Hospital family, she offers this advice:

“Having a positive attitude and being willing to step into whatever you need to makes a big difference. In your interview, being able to speak to how you can work within a team would be a great leg up to anyone trying to get in here.”

And what about those little things that also help define the Northside Difference?

“When I worked in NICU, the doctors, every Wednesday and Sunday, bought everyone bagels,” Maxie says. “Sometimes, when it had been a long night, it was like, ‘it’s bagel morning!’ It’s little things like that that show that the people you work with appreciate what you do.”

Are you interested in joining the Northside Hospital family? Browse all of our open positions here, and apply today! We look forward to meeting you!

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Taking It From The Top

When you’re job hunting, wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask direct questions of the people you might end up working for? Having that same kind of access would also be pretty great even after you started the job.

In short, getting answers from those at the top can be a huge benefit for candidates and employees alike. And that’s one reason we’ve started a brand new feature on our social media sites called “Ask A Manager.”

We polled nearly 30 leaders at Northside, in positions that include Talent Acquisition, Food Service, Nursing, Rehab and more.
We asked them all to answer the same four questions:

“Why did you decide to work in management at Northside Hospital?”
“What’s the best career or job advice you’ve ever received?”
“What advice would you give to someone who is applying for a job at Northside Hospital.”
“What is your favorite thing about working at Northside Hospital.”

Their responses were enlightening, and we’re excited to begin sharing them on our social media platforms. All offer different and interesting perspectives, and their insights can help anyone get a better understanding of what it’s like to be part of the Northside family!

The answers also help spotlight areas where Northside excels, such as the quality of our staff or our commitment to ensuring our teams have the resources they need. We hope you enjoy the new feature and the glimpse it provides “behind the curtain.” We also hope it will help when it comes time for you to start your own career path at Northside.

Keep an eye on our social media posts so you don’t miss any “Ask A Manager” moments!

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Well Deserved Recognition


At Northside, Physician Assistants play a vital role in providing the renowned patient care our award-winning health care system is known for, and we value the important contributions these dedicated professionals make every day.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have this special guest blog post from Northside PA Deborah Whitehair, M.S., PA-C, DFAAPA, as we join the health care community in celebrating the lasting impact PAs make for all of our patients.

A Physician Assistant (PA) is a healthcare professional who practices medicine as a part of a medical team with collaborating physicians and other providers.

Oct. 6 is National PA Day and now the entire week is celebrated to honor the more than 123,000 PAs in the US. The profession was created in the 1960s as a solution to the physician shortage, and the first graduates were Vietnam veterans who previously served as military medics.

The PA program gave them the credentials they needed to use their field training and experience in the civilian world.

The PA’s didactic and clinical education is modeled after physician training. PAs become highly skilled medical professionals who can provide a broad range of healthcare services traditionally performed by a physician.

This includes taking histories, performing physicals, diagnosing and treating patients with ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, prescribing medications, counseling patients and surgical assisting in the OR.

PAs are nationally certified and state licensed to practice medicine in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. The job description and daily responsibilities are very diverse and depend on the specialty areas where the PA works.

There have been a lot of changes in our profession since those early days, and PAs are now allowed to practice in every state, in every medical setting and all specialties to improve healthcare access and quality.

A master’s degree is now required as entry-level education. The early male-dominated profession has shifted to become a female majority. PAs maintain their certification like many physicians by completing 100 hours of continuing education every two years and taking a required recertification exam now every 10 years rather than every six years as we did in the past.

The physician-PA relationship has always been fundamental to the profession and enhances the delivery of healthcare. PAs have the autonomy to work alongside physicians with minimum physician supervision.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, further mandated reductions in resident training hours, an increasing shortage of primary care physicians, the need for more patients to be treated and patients who are living longer with multiple comorbidities, there will continue to be an increasing demand for the highly skilled members of the PA profession.

Happy PA Day to all of the hard-working, well-trained, and dedicated PAs across America!


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Fan Fit Festival

From yoga in the outfield to group fitness at the Battery, there was something for everyone when Northside teamed up with our hometown Atlanta Braves to present the Fan Fit Festival.

The Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network was out in force during the event, providing health and fitness tips and connecting with people who showed up to have fun and learn how to get fit and stay that way.

One of the top events this year was “Yoga On The Field,” which brought dozens of people to the outfield grass at SunTrust Park for an hour of yoga taught by Stellar PowerYoga.

The festival also featured a marketplace where adults and children could meet health and fitness experts to discuss different options for staying healthy. Besides yoga, there were other exhibitions of different fitness styles, which included cycling and rock climbing among others.

All of us in the Northside family were thrilled to see such an excellent turnout, and to see how much fun everyone had. That’s what all of our dedicated volunteers were hoping for. This event is among many we help stage that aim to ensure those in our community have access to the expertise they need to stay fit.

The Fan Fit Festival is just one way Northside takes healing and prevention efforts directly to residents of the metro Atlanta area. We’re proud of the success of this year’s event and we are looking forward to seeing even more of you there next year!

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Work That Matters

Working in health care can be tough. The hours are long and the pressure is often extreme, but seeing the difference you can make for so many people is always gratifying. When you work at Northside, you seldom have to wonder if the work you do has a lasting effect. No matter what your role, evidence of your impact is everywhere – including in the most unexpected places.

That was certainly the case recently for seven of our Labor and Delivery nurses who spent a few days vacationing in Rosemary Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Although they were about 300 miles from Atlanta, they got a personal reminder of the real difference their work makes.

Jennifer Andris, one of the vacationing nurses, happened to be using Northside Hospital towel as she relaxed on the beach. The distinctive Northside logo caught the attention of three women who were also at the same beach. Why?

All three had given birth to their children at Northside. They raved to the group of nurses about what a wonderful experience it had been, and how well they were treated during their stays.

For Jennifer and her friends – Erika Schorr, Megan Chandler, Heather Juhan, Stephanie Batson, Ashlea McCollough and Jessica Moore – it was a highlight of their three-day vacation. The three moms even took a photo of our nursing team holding the Northside towel.

We’re proud of the work that everyone here at Northside does, and happy when we see them get the recognition they deserve – especially when they’re on a well-deserved vacation!

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An Open Door


Suppose that you could enhance your job search by having direct access to a skilled health care recruiter? What questions would you ask? What behind-the-scenes information would you be curious about? What exactly would you want to know to make yourself a more attractive candidate?

Here at Northside, those are no longer just hypothetical questions. In addition to the recruiter tips we’re now posting on our career social media platforms, we’re inaugurating a new series we call “Ask a Recruiter.”

Our Talent Acquisition Team will begin accepting questions that you post on our career Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. No matter the topic, if it has anything to do with the job search process in general and Northside in particular, we’ll do our best to get answers to you.

We consider this more than just a public service. We have learned from experience that some of the best job candidates aren’t necessarily the best job seekers, which can be a skill all its own.

That’s why we want to help by offering direct advice from one of the top health care recruiting teams in the nation. If you’re not hunting for a health care career, don’t worry, because much of their advice can help you nail down a job in any industry.

Our goal is to make sure you find the career you love and that we find the best talent to join the Northside Family, and we are offering our expertise to make the entire process better for all of us.

So, what would you “ask a recruiter?” Get your questions ready. We’re looking forward to seeing them!

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Answers When You Need Them


Applying for a job, especially one you’d really like to get, can be confusing. Besides the obvious questions you may have about your resume and how well your skills may fit the job description, you will also very likely have many questions about the hiring process and what you can expect after you apply.

At Northside, we’re trying to take some of the guesswork – and the tension – out of what happens after your resume and application lands on the desk of one of our recruiters.

That’s why our Careers website features a Frequently Asked Questions section, better known as FAQ. By going to https://jobs.northside.com/faqs/, applicants who want to join the Northside Family can get quick and easy answers to many of the questions that might pop up.

From a full rundown of the application process to internships and internal job postings, the team here has compiled many of the inquiries we get most often. They’ve also crafted honest and simple answers that will help take some of the stress out of this part of your job search.

At Northside, we believe that ensuring your success will help us continue building the foundation of our success. If you’re excited about the prospect of joining the Northside Family, we’re excited about the possibility of helping you.

So before you email your resume or fill out your application, take a second and check out our FAQ section. We believe you’ll be glad you did!

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A Career Worth Celebrating

These days, working at the same place for almost 50 years is tough to imagine. What’s even tougher to imagine is loving your job as much now as when you did when you started in 1972.

Vicky Blackman, Northside Hospital’s second-longest tenured employee, is living proof that it’s possible. Vicky retired on June 4 after 46 years working in the Special Care Nursery (NICU) and spent the last 23 years as a Unit Secretary.

Even with all that time, Vicky says she has never even come close to feeling burned out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“I thank God every day for this wonderful job that has been a part of my life for so many years,” she says.

Northside was a very different place when Vicky was hired as an 18-year-old to work in our well-baby nursery, back in the days before we opened our NICU. She started as a Patient Care Tech and then moved on to Unit Secretary, where she has distinguished herself over the years by training all the Unit Secretaries in her department.

Vicky says what she has enjoyed most about Northside is interacting with the parents of the NICU patients. She is the first person they see when they arrive, and she loves welcoming them and answering any questions they may have.

She enjoys taking part in the unit’s Premie Reunions and explains how amazing it is to see a 2-pound baby who has grown into a healthy, happy child. Vicky also enjoys when moms and dads come back to visit with her after their babies have been discharged.

While Vicky made a big impression on patients and their families, she also was a star to the physicians and nurses she worked alongside for more than four decades.

“Vicky has been a dedicated, caring unit secretary, providing our families and staff with service excellence for many years,” said Dr. Ken Kupke of Neonatology Associates of Atlanta.

“While working in a busy and sometimes stressful environment, she has maintained a high level of competence with her cheerful disposition and smile. We will truly miss Vicky. We congratulate her on a well-deserved retirement and wish her all the best in the years to come.”

Vicky says she plans to spend her retirement crafting with a life-long friend she met at work and selling her handcrafted tissue box covers and nutcrackers at craft shows in the metro area. In addition, she will spend time with her family, including her two daughters who live in Tennessee. Both of those ladies, incidentally, were Northside Babies!

“This hospital,” says Vicky, “is the best hospital.”

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An Inspired Journey


For many Northside nurses, their journey to a career in health care is often inspired by a deeply personal event. It could the loss of a loved one or even their own struggle with a serious disease or chronic condition. In almost every case, watching the impact made by the health care professionals they came into contact with left a profound impression.

So it is with Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Carson Wells, who joined the Northside Cancer Institute a little more than two years ago.

“My grandmother had multiple myeloma, and she wasn’t a candidate for transplant,” she said. “I saw her journey and I saw how the nurses cared for her and made a difference, and it inspired me to be a BMT nurse and make a difference for other patients.”

Now, she’s doing just that and it’s an opportunity she says she will never take for granted.

“It’s such an honor to work for the Northside Cancer Institute,” says Carson. “The Cancer Institute is nationally recognized and has some of the best survival rates in the country, to be a part of that is incredibly rewarding.”

Carson is also grateful for the “Northside Difference,” especially when it comes to how patients are treated and how our health care teams work together to achieve the best outcomes.

“I think that Northside puts a big emphasis on patient and family-centered care,” Carson says. “In the BMT unit, we have a group of physicians that work with each family. We try to pair physicians with families that have matching personalities, and it makes a big difference in the care.”

Carson also believes that considering a career at Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute would be a smart move, given that “we have a state of the art facility” that is continuing to grow. In addition, she added that the Institute is “a nationally recognized cancer unit, so we do clinical trials and serve a large community of people. We have a great team of physicians and practitioners.”

With so much upside, what type of person does Carson think might not do well at Northside?

“Someone that doesn’t want to be a team player. Teamwork makes the dream work in the BMT Unit! That’s the motto that we live by. We’re a team that’s almost like a family.”

For Carson, being part of that family means being supported every day and encouraged to build a better future.

“I work with some great people who have given me opportunities.” says Carson. “They recognize the achievements of their nurses, and they want to help you grow as a professional and as a person. They open doors for me!”

See what doors a career at Northside can open for you and view our open BMT Nursing roles here.