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The Northside Difference


When he finished graduate school a little over five years ago, Bryan McWhorter knew just where he wanted to work.

It was the same hospital where he was born. And the same hospital where his wife will deliver their son this month.

“He’ll be a second generation Northside Baby!” said Bryan, a Manager of Physician Practice. “I really do feel like, when we’re headed to the hospital, the team will be just as excited as we are to be sharing this experience with us.”

For Bryan, coming home to his hometown hospital was a perfect fit.

“I graduated with my master’s in Health Administration and MBA, and started looking at the workforce and where I thought I would be successful and a culture where I would thrive,” he said. “Northside hit all the marks for me.”

His half-decade at Northside has taught Bryan plenty about the Northside Difference and how true teamwork and camaraderie set us apart.

“At the core of what we do, we take care of other people. From the patients that come through our doors, to each other as coworkers,” he says. “For me, having unparalleled access to the leaders of the organization makes it unique, and a collaborative environment. For someone like myself, who started right out of school, I saw a lot of value in being able to develop relationships with people who would mentor me and help provide opportunities to grow within the organization.”

Growth, both personal and professional, is a foundation of the Northside culture. It also extends to our healthcare system and the career opportunities our continued growth is consistently creating.

“We’ve had a lot of growth,” said Bryan, who works primarily with our orthopedic, sports medicine and total joint practices, referring to the recent openings of our 10th sports medicine and eighth total joint sites.

Growth and opportunity, however, are just two of the reasons Bryan loves his job at Northside Hospital.

“Every day is different,” he says. “That’s what excites me. In the outpatient world, my responsibilities include multiple campuses, so to have the opportunity to interact with all three campuses and learn – there is no monotony to the day.”

Bryan says the Northside Family also has supported his career journey in many other ways.

“I wanted a broad exposure to everything and I think I’ve always been challenged but given the autonomy to develop and succeed, and show the value I can bring the organization,” Bryan says. “Northside is a very value-driven culture, and the people around me have always been driven to bring the best out of everyone. I’ve really enjoyed this environment.”

For those who would like to join us here, Bryan says it’s important to understand the dedication and focus that helps the Northside team make such an impact day after day.

“The thing I always tell my team is that we’re very fortunate to be in an organization that provides such a high level of patient care, of technology, and buildings – but at the end of the day the patient will remember how we make them feel,” he says. “I think someone who would have difficulty working here is someone who comes in with a mindset of specific responsibilities and thinks ‘that’s not my job’ – this organization demands that we all are leaders from front-line through senior leadership, and you really have to take ownership in what product we deliver every day to the greater Atlanta community.”

What advice would Bryan offer to job candidates who are looking at a Northside career?

“We’ve got such a terrific team at this organization – if you’re trying to learn about positions or areas of the system, talk to someone that’s here!” he says. “Really understand what being a part of Northside looks like.”

After five-and-a-half years with us, Bryan is looking forward to a future filled with opportunities to learn – and to help others.

“We’re going to continue growing and providing more care in different environments,” he says. “For us, it’s not necessarily taking care of athletes, it’s discussing with patients what their goals are and helping them get back to that. For a grandmother, it might be playing with her grandchildren at the playground, or it might be helping a high school athlete – it’s all about working with a patient to help them meet their goal.”


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