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The Northside Difference

Maxie Battey-Muse has learned a lot during the three-plus years she’s been part of the respiratory therapy team at Northside. For her, one of the most profound lessons is discovering the diverse number of things – some big, some small – that come together to create the Northside Difference.

First and foremost, she says, is the way we care for our patients and our community.

“As far as what I really value about being here, versus some of the other hospitals I’ve seen, is that Northside really goes above and beyond for their patients,” Maxie says. “Northside has a very high standard for themselves, and I really value that.”

That high standard, which applies to everyone from Environmental Services to the Surgical Suite, is reinforced by good and caring leadership, Maxie says. Still, the expectations are high and she believes anyone aiming for a career here should know that.

“I think that to succeed here you need to take a lot of pride in the work that you do,” Maxie says. “I think that someone who doesn’t have that natural drive within them might find it a little more difficult here.

“Just knowing that it’s a place that expects a lot of you. It is a high standard of care that they set for themselves, and people really care about that.”

Although the standards are high, no one is left to flounder. A key part of our leadership philosophy is nurturing the growth of everyone on our teams.

“When I first started here, any time that I had any kind of question, coming fresh out of school, about how things are done or protocol, I never had any problem going to my shift supervisor or charge therapist or manager or clinicians,” Maxie says. “They’ve all just been very approachable.”

It’s this atmosphere of collaboration, of teamwork and mutual support, that have helped Maxie go from being a staff therapist to the coordinator for her department. To say she enjoys her job would be an understatement.

“My favorite part is that every day I feel that I am working for the department that I love so much, that turned me into the therapist that I am today,” Maxie says.

For those who might be wondering how they can join Maxie in the Northside Hospital family, she offers this advice:

“Having a positive attitude and being willing to step into whatever you need to makes a big difference. In your interview, being able to speak to how you can work within a team would be a great leg up to anyone trying to get in here.”

And what about those little things that also help define the Northside Difference?

“When I worked in NICU, the doctors, every Wednesday and Sunday, bought everyone bagels,” Maxie says. “Sometimes, when it had been a long night, it was like, ‘it’s bagel morning!’ It’s little things like that that show that the people you work with appreciate what you do.”

Are you interested in joining the Northside Hospital family? Browse all of our open positions here, and apply today! We look forward to meeting you!

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