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The Northside Difference


Twelve years ago, Blair Lee was among six people in Northside’s Acute Care Residency Program. Today, she is the Medical/Surgical Manager for the General Surgery and Bariatric Unit and a living testament to some of the things that Northside does best.

“I started as a resident, right out of nursing school,” Blair says. “I had leaders on my unit who really sat down with me, told me what they saw as my strengths, and helped guide me into a role in leadership. I was able to move into a leadership role and able to help mentor and guide new nurses myself.”

Helping grow and nurture new leaders is one of the key components of what makes Northside different. There is even more, though, as Blair is quick to point out.

“I think a lot of the leaders at Northside realize that in order to get and maintain high patient satisfaction you have to have high employee satisfaction,” she says. “Really recognizing that the way to make our patients happy is to keep our staff happy! The way to keep our patients safe is to have a happy, fulfilled, educated staff – that’s what Northside is the best at doing.”

Caring for the well-being of everyone in the Northside family is a high priority for the leaders of our growing health system. It translates into amazing career possibilities for all those working here and it also translates into better outcomes for the patients who pass through our doors.

Blair says the difference is obvious to everyone.

“Something that I hear a lot from new employees and patients is that when they walk through the halls at Northside, they feel that people are happy and want to be here,” she says. Blair believes it’s critical for Northside job candidates to understand how hard we work to create this kind of environment.

“The best piece of advice for people that are interviewing is for people to remember that we want people who are going to fit into our culture of warmth and caring, and putting patient care as a priority,” Blair says. “As growth continues at Northside, more opportunities keep opening. The opportunities are huge!”

As for her own future, Blair is banking on Northside’s support as she continues growing as a nursing professional and as a leader.

“I still feel like my leaders are very good and open about having conversations about my work and strengths, as well as helping me find areas for improvement,” she says. “In five to 10 years, who knows? The sky’s the limit!”

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