The Northside Difference

From compassionate coworkers to supportive leadership, the Northside Difference means many things to experienced Oncology Nurse Megan McCoy. And it has since she began her career with us.

“Northside is where I started as a nurse, it’s where I’ve grown and developed into the nurse I am today,” Megan said. “It really is a home for me to be a part of my unit and continue working there and developing the staff around me, so we can have a really awesome team.”

Teamwork is one of the foundations that Northside Hospital careers are built on. For Megan, it’s something that sets us apart from many other health systems. Collaboration makes a big difference for her every day and keeps her engaged and empowered.

“I really love the people that I work with,” she said. “That’s a big part of why I’ve never tried to leave my floor or work anywhere else – the people are awesome! It’s an awesome team environment, being around them is awesome, even on the bad days.”

“Bad days” can come with the territory when you work in Oncology, Megan says. The distinguished cancer programs at Northside are first rate and change lives for our patients, but the disease is still a formidable enemy.

“Anyone wanting to work in the field of oncology needs to know that it takes special people,” says Megan. “You have to have a really big heart, and there are really challenging days. But the people I work with know how to make you laugh even when you want to cry, and can put a smile on your face. It can be heartbreaking at times, but the fulfillment of working in oncology is worth any bad days.”

Career fulfillment is another key component of the Northside Difference. We’re working hard to build the kind of inclusive workplace that allows our diverse team to flourish. That’s one of the reasons feedback from Northside employees helped land us on the 2018 Glassdoor Best Places To Work list and Comparably’s 2018 list of Best Companies for Women.

For Megan, the support provided by her supervisors and colleagues has helped shape a career path she is proud of.

“From being in a residency as a young nurse, they have helped develop me into becoming a preceptor, training new staff members, they’ve given me opportunities to learn about my specialty,” Megan said. “Anytime I’m looking for a new challenge, they’ve provided me with opportunities with different teams and ways to get involved or be engaged. You’re never bored, and there are lots of opportunities to grow and learn. I recently became a supervisor with my unit, which I have been with since I started at Northside. That really is a tribute to the leadership and opportunities here.”

For those who are looking to starting the new year with a new career at Northside, Megan has some advice.

“Northside has high expectations, so you have to be willing to be on your A-game,” she said. “Everyone is there for you and wants you to grow as an individual, but they also expect the best – that is why we have the reputation we do.”

For those who get called in for an interview with a recruiter or hiring manager, Megan advises that a little enthusiasm can go a long way.

“Just showcase that it’s a place that you really want to be!” she said. “You know that Northside’s reputation precedes itself, and if you can show that you’re an employee who will work hard and build up your team members, then you will fit right in and do well.”

Who wouldn’t do well at Northside? Based on her experience, Megan has some ideas about that, too.

“I think anyone can succeed, but you have to have the right attitude and be flexible and willing to adapt to different challenges,” she said. “Healthcare can be a challenging field, but Northside provides all the resources you need to be successful.”

Those resources will support Megan as she moves forward in her Northside career, something she is already excited about.

“I’m looking forward to my development as a leader for my unit and within the hospital,” she said. “Helping to empower our team on the oncology unit, and continue to see the growth and positive change that I’ve seen over the last four years and make our unit a place that everyone wants to be.”

A place everyone wants to be. A place where employees are valued and empowered. A place where opportunity is everywhere. That’s the Northside Difference.