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When you’re searching for a job, any information that gives you an edge is valuable. That can be especially true when it comes to a health care career, which often demands specific skills and traits.

Getting the inside track is also key if you’re looking to land a job at a renowned health care system such as the one here at Northside. Because of our reputation for a collaborative work environment and commitment to employee success, our job openings often attract candidates from around the world.

Our Talent Acquisition Team wants to help you because, after all, your success at Northside is also our success. That’s why we’re continuing to expand our popular “Recruiter Tips” on our Northside Career social media sites.

These tips include quick advice posts and also longer notes, delving into every aspect of the job search. What do recruiters look for? We’ll tell you. What can be a deal-breaker during a phone interview? We’ll post about it. What is key to standing out from the crowd? Our recruiters have the answer.

We hope you’ll use these tips and guidelines to pursue a career at Northside but bear in mind that much of the advice we post can work for any company in any industry. That’s a tribute to the talent and scope of our recruiting team.

Be sure to check out career sites for the inside scoops that can help make your job hunt a success!

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