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Northside has “Pawtential”:
One Lucky Cat


May is National Pet Month, and we wanted to do something that recognizes the impact our pet family makes on the lives of our Northside Hospital family members and also showcase their contributions to the work/life balance we strive for at Northside. Each is genuine, heartfelt and comes straight from employees such as Sherrie, whose dog Wilma showed some true Northside compassion when she helped save the life of a sick and abandoned cat. These stories will give you a real glimpse into the kind of people who are behind our growing health care system.

Sherrie’s story: “My dog Wilma found Fred the cat almost 3 years ago under a bush in our yard. Fred was about 4 weeks old and sick.

As you can see he is a Lavender Point Siamese.

We don’t know how he got in our yard, but if Wilma had not found him he would have surely died. Wilma and Fred are crazy about each other.”

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