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Northside has “Pawtential”:
Adoption is the Answer


May is National Pet Month, and we wanted to do something that recognizes the impact our pet family makes on the lives of our Northside Hospital family members and also showcase their contributions to the work/life balance we strive for at Northside. Each of the stories, such as this one from Judy, a nurse at Northside Hospital, is genuine, heartfelt and told in the voices of our employees. They will give you a glimpse at the kind, thoughtful people who make up our growing health care system.

Judy’s story: “I have always been a pet person, and even as a kid my family adopted from shelters. There are so many reasons to adopt. The most important reason is that you save a life and give the animal a chance to learn true unconditional love.

My true passion is beagles. I am especially devoted to saving beagles from captivity and those who might try to take advantage of their natural trusting nature.

Please consider helping to break the cycle of pet overpopulation by adopting and bringing the kinds of unconditional love only animals can provide into your home.”

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