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Northside has “Pawtential”:
A True Watchdog


May is National Pet Month, and we wanted to do something that recognizes the impact our pet family makes on the lives of our Northside Hospital family members and also showcase their contributions to the work/life balance we strive for at Northside. The stories are genuine and heartfelt, and are told in the voices of employees like Mary Jane, who is one of our talent recruiters. We hope you enjoy reading them and getting a glimpse into the kind of people who make up our growing health care system.

Mary Jane’s story: “Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Golden Retriever, Scout, and how special he is to me! Scout is special for several reasons – one being the fact that he has detected several of my low blood sugars before I even knew my sugar was going down.

Having had Type One Diabetes for over 10 years now, I am not quite as sensitive to feeling a low blood sugar come on as I once was. Before I was a user of the pump and glucose sensor system I have now, Scout detected several lows for me, and he will still do so.

He usually lets me know by pacing back and forth or nudging me with his nose, and he won’t let me sit down. Because of Scout’s actions, I have been able to realize I am experiencing a low blood sugar and treat it before I pass out.

It is truly remarkable the bond you are able to create with a pet, as Scout is by no means a trained diabetes service dog. I do not know what I would do without him!”

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