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Northside has “Pawtential”:
A Roadside Rescue


May is National Pet Month, and we wanted to do something that recognizes the impact our pet family makes on the lives of our Northside Hospital family members and also showcase their contributions to the work/life balance we strive for at Northside. We hope you enjoy seeing and reading stories by team members such as Yen. Each tale is genuine and heartfelt, told directly by the employee. They will give you a glimpse into the kind of people who are building our growing health care system.

Yen’s story: “Both Bear and Pocket were rescues from the Forsyth County Humane Society. Tank was a different rescue story.

On Dec. 23, 2016, we found Tank on the side of the road, abandoned and looking for food. He was terribly emaciated and unable to support himself.

We took him home and provided a warm bed, some food and prayed that he would make it through the night. The next morning was the true start of a new life for him.

Even with his shy personality, he let us feed and bath him. To our surprise and relief, Tank was mostly in good shape except his low weight, about 4 pounds.

Over the past year, he has grown to 9.5 pounds and has stolen our hearts.  He remains the most loving and sweetest rescue I’ve ever had, considering the condition and possibly the story before that life-changing night in December.”  


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