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Northside has “Pawtential”:
Meant To Be


May is National Pet Month, and we wanted to do something that recognizes the impact our pet family makes on the lives of our Northside Hospital family members and also showcase their contributions to the work/life balance we strive for at Northside. We hope you enjoy seeing and reading stories by employees like Mandy. Each is genuine and heartfelt, and give you a glimpse into the kind of people who are behind our growing health care system.

Mandy’s story: “My husband, John, is a police offer and noticed a little dog at the police station one day. He sent me a picture of him curled up in his jacket.

I asked him what he was going to do with him. John told me he had called Animal Control. I asked him to bring him home and we would try to find the owners. Dexter was wearing a collar with numbers from where he received his vaccinations. I was able to find the owner. We met with him and reluctantly gave Dexter over.

That night around 10 p.m., John received a call from an officer at the station. The officer said the dog was back. We went to the station and picked up Dexter.

We spoke to the owners again, but they no longer wanted to deal with him. So he became ours!”

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