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Making The Most Of Summer

The team at Northside are no strangers to hard work. Their daily dedication and determination to help patients can sometimes take quite a toll. That’s the main reason that one of the chief features of our benefits package here focuses on work/life balance.

At Northside, we don’t just offer paid time off – we actually urge our employees to use it.

We strongly believe that a rested and relaxed employee is best able to achieve peak performance, which is what our profession demands. We are very much aware of how easy it can be for devoted team members to try and do too much for too many, and burn out in the process.

So at Northside, we place just as much emphasis on time off as we do on time on. It’s part of our culture and an integral part of how we consistently maintain such high standards of care. This year, we even asked the Northside Hospital family to share their plans for summer getaways with us. We shared some of the responses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #NHSummerPlans so that everyone could see how our team was relaxing and recharging during their time off.

There are other benefits to taking some time away from work. By sharing their travels and adventures, our teams help build that special camaraderie that can be crucial when the going gets tough at work – as it often does. We’re coming up on the last bits of summer now, and we’re thrilled to see so many of our employees enjoying their summer vacations.

However, our commitment to a solid work/life balance doesn’t end when summer does. It’s a 24/7, 365 part of how Northside works. When you join the Northside family, you will, of course, be expected to give your all on the job – but you’ll also be expected to take full advantage of the time off we offer. After all, you’ve earned it!


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