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Healthy Employees, Happy Employees

The dedicated nurses at Northside are laser-focused on helping others get better and stay healthy. It’s a calling all of them take pride in – but it comes at a price.

Too often, the pace and pressure of putting others first mean nurses, and many others working in health care, neglect their own health.

Here at Northside, we realize how difficult it can be for our teams, and especially our nurses, to put their own needs first. So we’ve developed a number of ways to encourage and help them to do that.

First, we offer one-on-one consultations with our expert dietitians, such as Elyse Sartor. We also offer classes to help people quit smoking along with discounted memberships to LA Fitness, which are just part of a benefits package that’s aimed at professional and personal wellness.

Then there’s the Northside Run/Ride/Walk team, which helps our employees take part in the myriad of health and wellness events we sponsor around Metro Atlanta every year.

Additionally, employees at our Cherokee Campus compete every year in a six-week Wellness Challenge, which aims to help establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Grouped in teams, the Cherokee employees earn points by exercising and eating better.

Not only do they win prizes, they also create a solid foundation for staying healthy in the future.

Our nurses are so good at caring for others and so dedicated to the mission of building a healthier community all around us.

That’s why Northside pays such special attention to their needs as an integral part of our corporate culture. Because only healthy and happy employees can provide the kind of care our patients have come to expect.

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