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A Cancer-Fighting Career


Northside Oncology Nurse Tiffany Brooks has a lot to look forward to. And she can’t wait for what’s coming. Tiffany recently celebrated her first year at Northside, and it was an important anniversary for her.

I wish I had started my career at Northside!” she told us. “I moved here from Tennessee and I didn’t realize how big Northside was in the oncology world.”

It didn’t take Tiffany long to see the other differences that come along with a career at Northside.

“When I worked at other companies, they wanted you to do your best, but here I’m actually provided the resources for me to be my best,” she said.

Becoming an oncology nurse has been a very personal mission for Tiffany, who is proud to now pursue her goals at Northside.

“I chose oncology because my father had lung cancer,” Tiffany shared. “I took care of him while I was in nursing school, and I saw how it was when he went through chemo and what he went through. I feel like by me taking care of these patients, I can give them a little bit of hope, kind of like what I did with my dad.”

With the support of her managers and colleagues, Tiffany believes her career potential as a Northsider is limitless.

“Northside doesn’t want me to be stagnant, they want me to excel and be the best RN I can be, not just the best oncology RN,” Tiffany told us.

For anyone who is looking to join the Oncology team at Northside, Tiffany believes they need to be ready to work hard so they can take advantages of the many opportunities to grow and advance.

“If you’re someone who is complacent in your career, Northside might not be the place for you,” she said.

In addition to the collaborative environment and the career potential, Tiffany has two other things she says make working at Northside such a daily treat.

“My patients! And my staff!” she said. “I love the people that I work around and work with, and I love my patients.”

At Northside, one of our goals is to make sure employees like Tiffany are able to thrive. If you’re ready to join a team that empowers your growth every day, check out the openings we have on our Oncology team.


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