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Badges of Honor

When babies are struggling after birth, every positive step they make is a small victory worth celebrating. Thanks to a special nurse, we now have a special way of marking those milestones in Northside’s Special Care Nurseries.

Before she became a nurse, Laurie Repetto had a successful career as an artist and she’s using her formidable talent to cheer on the special children she helps care for in the SCN. Her “Milestone Badges” are visual reminders of the obstacles overcome by Northside’s littlest patients.

Laurie created the badges and the nursing staff uses them on the “Infant’s Journey” ribbon at the patient’s bedside. The ribbons help give parents a positive visual memento of their child’s progress in the SCN.

A particular favorite of all the badges designed by Laurie memorializes when babies “move on up” from the second to the seventh floor, a sure sign that they are close to going home and a moment everyone–from the staff to the families–wants to celebrate.

We’re grateful to have people such as Laurie on the Northside team. Not only is she a skilled nurse who contributes every day, she’s also generous with her tremendous creativity and artistic talent.

In fact, she’s planning to share her ideas and creations during the upcoming Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta event on Dec. 5. We’re sure everyone who attends will love the Milestone Badges as much as we do!

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