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An Inspired Journey


For many Northside nurses, their journey to a career in health care is often inspired by a deeply personal event. It could the loss of a loved one or even their own struggle with a serious disease or chronic condition. In almost every case, watching the impact made by the health care professionals they came into contact with left a profound impression.

So it is with Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Carson Wells, who joined the Northside Cancer Institute a little more than two years ago.

“My grandmother had multiple myeloma, and she wasn’t a candidate for transplant,” she said. “I saw her journey and I saw how the nurses cared for her and made a difference, and it inspired me to be a BMT nurse and make a difference for other patients.”

Now, she’s doing just that and it’s an opportunity she says she will never take for granted.

“It’s such an honor to work for the Northside Cancer Institute,” says Carson. “The Cancer Institute is nationally recognized and has some of the best survival rates in the country, to be a part of that is incredibly rewarding.”

Carson is also grateful for the “Northside Difference,” especially when it comes to how patients are treated and how our health care teams work together to achieve the best outcomes.

“I think that Northside puts a big emphasis on patient and family-centered care,” Carson says. “In the BMT unit, we have a group of physicians that work with each family. We try to pair physicians with families that have matching personalities, and it makes a big difference in the care.”

Carson also believes that considering a career at Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute would be a smart move, given that “we have a state of the art facility” that is continuing to grow. In addition, she added that the Institute is “a nationally recognized cancer unit, so we do clinical trials and serve a large community of people. We have a great team of physicians and practitioners.”

With so much upside, what type of person does Carson think might not do well at Northside?

“Someone that doesn’t want to be a team player. Teamwork makes the dream work in the BMT Unit! That’s the motto that we live by. We’re a team that’s almost like a family.”

For Carson, being part of that family means being supported every day and encouraged to build a better future.

“I work with some great people who have given me opportunities.” says Carson. “They recognize the achievements of their nurses, and they want to help you grow as a professional and as a person. They open doors for me!”

See what doors a career at Northside can open for you and view our open BMT Nursing roles here.


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