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A Northside Legacy

Mother’s Day is all about honoring your mom. And what better way to do that than to follow in her career footsteps? Mary L., an Inpatient Oncology Nurse at Northside Hospital is doing just that. Proudly.

“I have always looked up to her my entire life and have been inspired by her compassion and work ethic,” said Mary L., who has been at Northside for a year. “This includes dressing up in scrubs for Halloween for five years straight to ‘be like mom’ when I was younger. She is such a kind soul inside and out and I am honored to be her daughter.”

That “kind soul” is Debbie D., a Clinical Supervisor in the Lactation Department and a 19-year Northside Hospital veteran. She also is very proud of her daughter.

“Mary interviewed some other places but was most impressed with Northside,” said Debbie. “I was thrilled to have her join us here and she loves the unit she works on.”

For Debbie, having a part of her own family join the Northside Family means something extra special.

“Northside has such a wonderful reputation in the community,” Debbie said. “When I tell people where I work they are always impressed and I tell them that I love what I do and that Northside is a great place to work.”

For her part, Mary is not only proud of following mom in what she does, she’s proud to follow her where she’s doing it as well.

“I have seen my mother grow with this hospital and it is so inspiring,” she said. “Northside gives you so many opportunities to be the best you, which is so cool.”

Cool in more ways than one. Both Debbie and Mary understand that there really is a difference when it comes to working at Northside. 

“The Northside Difference is that you are a part of a team,” mom said.  “All of us here at work are interconnected and working toward the common goal of taking care of the patients and their families.”

Mary agreed.

“I would say the Northside Difference is going the extra mile for your patient and their family,” she said. “From staying and chatting with a patient who was just diagnosed with cancer or picking up a birthday card and balloon for the patient who has to spend their birthday in the hospital, we are there and we care. I feel that each employee should be a walking example of what Northside strives to be. Excellence.”

The two also find excellence every day in the teams they work with, another hallmark that sets Northside Hospital apart from other health systems, both in patient care and as an employer.

“My favorite thing about working at Northside is the people I encounter,” Mary said. “My co-workers are all so wonderful and supportive which is all I could ever ask for. We truly are a family! I can’t forget my patients either. My mission every day is to put a smile on their face at least once and to always treat them like my own family. Kindness cannot change the worst of diagnoses, but it can brighten even the darkest of days.”

Debbie says her favorite thing about being at Northside are her co-workers and the leadership team, which has empowered her throughout her career journey.

“There are so many opportunities here at Northside,” she said. “I have always felt supported and encouraged to continue learning.”

Mary says she has felt that same kind of encouragement as she begins her new career.

“From education to support on the unit, I never feel like any of my questions go unanswered, which is so important for newer nurses,” she said. “I want to give a special shout out to my clinicians and supervisors who are always there for us!

Because of what she’s found so far, and based on her mother’s long and successful Northside career, Mary says she’s looking toward the future with excitement – and the determination to emulate her mom.

“I want to continue to learn all I can in the field of oncology to better care for my patients,” she said. “I owe them that!”


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