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A Day For Gratitude

There is so much to be thankful for today. The food, to begin with. Who doesn’t love a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

Then there is the chance to spend time with people you love. Whether you’re sharing a delicious meal, watching football or just hanging out, there is something about this particular Thursday in November that’s extra relaxing.

That also makes it a great time to do some reflecting on everything you have to be grateful for. Here at Northside, that reflection turns to our co-workers and the special bond that brings all of us together in the Northside Family.

That bond that we cherish today–and every day–comes from the culture we’ve built here. It’s warm and welcoming, a team-based approach to work that can often be demanding and stressful. It’s a culture that recognizes and rewards those who go above and beyond and places a huge premium on providing support for one another.  We care deeply for each other, for the family we’ve built and for the patients we are privileged to serve. That’s the foundation for all we do at Northside, and how the Northside Family stays strong.

Wherever we gather today, we know that our connection to Northside, its people and its patients, is something we will always be thankful for.

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