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Summer Time



Providing exceptional health care can be hard work. Here at Northside, our dedicated teams handle daily stress and pressure and more often than not make it look easy. We realize the toll that constant tension can take, which is one of the main reasons we’re so focused on making sure every Northside employee maintains the right work/life balance. In fact, it’s built into almost everything we do, including our benefits packages.

Now that summer is in full swing, we’re aiming to ensure that our teams find ways to enjoy the “lazy days,” which is one reason we conducted to a survey to stir up some childhood memories of summers gone by. We asked Northsiders in an internal poll what some of their favorite summer activities were while they were growing up.

The majority who responded said the thing they loved most during summer was staying outside with their friends all day

The second favorite summer activity among those who responded was spending the day by the pool which, here in Georgia anyway, is an essential part of staying cool on a sweltering day.

Coming in third was taking a road trip with family, something that is still popular today, while chasing the ice cream truck and spending an evening at the ballpark rounded out our list.

We’re pleased the members of the Northside Family have such fond memories of summers growing up, and even more pleased that they have new opportunities to create memories with own families. Summer is all about relaxing and having fun, and we encourage our employees to take that mission just as seriously as they do their mission to make Northside one of the top health systems in the country.

 We hope that you enjoy your summer!

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