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Northside Team Launches New Fetal Therapy Program

Our Northside team is thrilled about the development and launch of our new Fetal Therapy Program. The program will treat unborn twins with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). We’ve partnered with Texas Children’s Fetal Center, located within Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women in Houston. With this unique agreement, the Texas Children’s team will train some of […]

Help Where It’s Needed

Dire medical emergencies such as heart attacks can happen anywhere, anytime. That’s why it’s critical that people other than medical professionals are trained in some basic life-saving techniques, such as Hands-Only CPR. As the name implies, this method of resuscitation involves chest compressions alone, without mouth-to-mouth breathing. Working with the Anthem Foundation, The American Heart […]

A Community Contribution

Northside’s role in the community goes far beyond just caring for and healing those who come through our doors. It also extends to events, fundraisers and other activities designed to help keep people healthy all around the Atlanta Metro area. And yes, it even extends to the business community, where we can exert our influence […]

Sharing a Song

They say that music soothes. Here at Northside, we also believe that music heals. That’s why we’ve thrown our support behind a unique initiative called 500 Songs for Kids, a  fundraiser that will benefit the Songs for Kids Foundation. This incredible program was started in 2007 by musicians who wanted to bring songs of hope […]

Springing Into Spring

As spring gets closer, all of us here at Northside are starting to get really excited about getting outside and taking part in fun and physical events that benefit our community. Our Ride/Run/Walk teams are sponsoring a wide variety of events that begin in late February. All of them are designed to help Northsiders stay […]

Making a Difference for Foster Children

It’s such a simple thing that it’s commonly overlooked: How do children in the state’s foster system carry their possessions when they are moved from one foster home to another? When most of us need to move something, especially something we care about, we can just grab a backpack, duffel bag or suitcase from the […]

Taking Steps Toward Fitness

Fitness is key to health and anything we can do at Northside to make fitness easier for everyone contributes to our mission of creating a healthier community. That’s why all of us are excited about the new 1.1-mile walking loop that’s made our Forsyth campus walkable! The new loop comes courtesy of our Northside Hospital […]

A Life-Saving Effort

At Northside, saving lives takes on many forms. We do it every day in all parts of our facilities, from the Emergency Departments to the Surgical Suites. It’s a big reason most of us work in health care to begin with. For our efforts to be truly effective, however, they need to extend into the […]

A Commitment to Caring

As we all saw in 2017, hurricanes leave trails of stunning destruction. And too often, it is the poorest and more vulnerable areas that absorb the biggest blows. That was certainly the case with Haiti, which was pummeled by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Almost 900 people were killed outright, and the devastation of homes, […]