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A Truly Perfect Holiday

Here at Northside, we love a party with a purpose. And that’s why all of us are excited about “The Perfect Holiday at Avalon, Presented By Northside.” It combines two of the best things about the holiday season: Fun and helping others. First the fun. Avalon, a 500,000-square-foot community in the heart of Alpharetta, will […]

A Special Contribution

Northsiders are known for stepping up, and that holds true no matter what role they play. George Hubbard, who is part of the Engineering Department in Atlanta, decided to find a visual and poignant way to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Northside. He got 60 pink shirts for all of his departmental colleagues. The […]

Badges of Honor

When babies are struggling after birth, every positive step they make is a small victory worth celebrating. Thanks to a special nurse, we now have a special way of marking those milestones in Northside’s Special Care Nurseries. Before she became a nurse, Laurie Repetto had a successful career as an artist and she’s using her […]

A Day For Gratitude

There is so much to be thankful for today. The food, to begin with. Who doesn’t love a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Then there is the chance to spend time with people you love. Whether you’re sharing a delicious meal, watching football or just hanging out, there is something about this particular Thursday in November that’s […]

Northside Comes Together

Whether we travel 7,000 miles, like Northside Nurse Katrina Denson recently did, or go right around the corner, everyone in the Northside Family loves to come together and help others. That’s why we are always so excited to host or be part of events that celebrate healing, inspiration and hope. One of the most moving […]

Making a Difference – 7,600 Miles From Home

Being part of the Northside family means being driven to make a difference no matter where you are. For Katrina Denson, a clinical nurse manager at the Women’s Center in Atlanta, it meant taking her compassion and skills to a small Ugandan village more than 7,600 miles from home. Katrina’s cousin has been making the […]

A Well Deserved Salute

Nursing is among the most difficult jobs there is. It can be even more difficult when your patients are children or young people suffering from critical illnesses.  Being a Pediatric Hematology or Oncology Nurse calls for special skills that go beyond being an excellent nurse. It takes resiliency and optimism and never-ending smiles that can […]

A Nurse Who’s Been There

There are thousands of stories Northsiders could tell about why they chose to work in health care, but not many resonate the way that Ginger Rock’s story does.  Ginger is a skilled nurse in our bariatric medical surgical unit, assisting those who need to lose significant amounts of weight to help regain their health. For […]

A Real Lifesaver

As director of critical care services, Northsider Amy Berryman is used to dealing with life and death situations at work.  Recently, she showed that a true Northsider’s dedication to saving lives never stops. Amy and her children were at a birthday party at a community pool in Lilburn when she overheard a 9-year-old tell her […]

Take Us Out To The Ballgame

SunTrust Park, home of our Atlanta Braves, is a special spot for Northsiders. After our amazing tribute to cancer survivors in June, we hosted another special event on July 14, when members of the Northside team and our community partners were joined by the EMS professionals who helped us make the big move to the […]