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A Real Lifesaver

As director of critical care services, Northsider Amy Berryman is used to dealing with life and death situations at work.

 Recently, she showed that a true Northsider’s dedication to saving lives never stops. Amy and her children were at a birthday party at a community pool in Lilburn when she overheard a 9-year-old tell her parents there was a baby at the bottom of the pool.

 Amy didn’t think twice. Fully clothed, she dove in and pulled 3-year-old Bryson Rogers from the water. She yelled for someone to dial 9-1-1 and set about saving the little boy’s life.

 “I started assessing him,” Amy said. “He was blue and didn’t have a pulse. I started doing CPR and water started to pour out of his nose and mouth. After a minute-and-a-half or so, he regained a pulse. I continued doing rescue breathing.”

 Bryson was taken to Eastside Medical Center and later airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital, where he recovered.

Amy was typically humble about the whole episode, but her quick and decisive action averted a horrible tragedy. While her skill and training kicked in, it was Amy’s commitment to helping others that really made the difference. She is being hailed as a hero by Karen Rogers, Bryson’s grandmother. “She’s our family’s angel,” said Rogers. Amy is shown with Karen, on the right, in the photo above.

 Metta Waters, our director of patient care quality, best summed up the reaction of everyone in the Northside Health Care System when she said: “When I heard about this incident and how Amy reacted, I was not surprised at all. We’re so overjoyed at the outcome and really proud of her.”


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